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The construction of the new factory of Baoji Tongrun Titanium has been basically completed, an...
4500 tons electrode press Titanium electrode welding platform Vacuum...
The construction project of flexible production line for titanium structural parts for aviation...
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Baoji Tongrun Metal Materials Co.,Ltd 

As a leading Manufacturer and Distributor of Titanium and Nickel raw materials since 2008, it is our goal to offer you a “one-stop” purchasing experience. Our comprehensive range of added services is focused on reducing your manufacturing costs. We have recently enhanced our quality systems and purchased new facilities such as the vacuum arc remelting furnace, hydraulic press, forging press, plasma welder, lathe and other equipments. because we expect to be supplying titanium and nickel material for more and more customers. We expanded our melting capabilities by adding a vacuum arc remelting furnace and expanded our manufacturing footprint and bar finishing capacity. We have invested 181 million yuan into the construction project of flexible production line for titanium structural parts for Aviation. The factory covers an area of 21,295 square meters and a building area of 11621.5 square meters. We have new R & D building, and advanced workshops for smelting, forging and machining. All of our facilities working together enables us to achieve annual output of 5000 tons of titanium material and match our unique capabilities to meet your particular and exacting requirements.

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